Leadership care to send cool, cordial condolences to warm people


Since entering July, the high temperature and hot air h […]

Since entering July, the high temperature and hot air have been attacked. The employees of Zhiyuan Company are not afraid of difficulties in delaying customer orders, fighting high temperatures and promoting production, and still stick to their posts. Under the leadership of the company's leader, the company's leaders have stepped into the production line of the workshop, and passed the company's care to the frontline partners in time to send them cool summer days. The company has been inheriting the summer “send cool” activities, which is the concrete embodiment of Zhiyuan’s people-oriented and caring for employees.

At noon on the 9th, the general manager of the company, Mr. Zhai, cordially visited the frontline employees and sent iced drinks. Thanks to the employees for their hard work, quality and quantity to complete the production tasks, to meet customer requirements, and to win praise for the company. On the other hand, Zhai always put forward higher requirements for the leaders of various ministries, demanding careful planning and organization of production, paying attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, timely distributing heatstroke materials, and ensuring workers' safety.

Every day at noon, the hottest time, the company's administrative department manager Wang and others will give the production line staff to their own hot ice mung bean soup, ice cream and other heatstroke relief products.