Zhiyuan elite team went to Deqing for a "Happy Two Day Tour" event report


From June 23 to June 24, 2018, Zhiyuan Company organize […]

From June 23 to June 24, 2018, Zhiyuan Company organized a "two-day tour of elite team" activities. Some departments selected some elites to participate and formed an elite team to Anji for "Happy Two." Day trip" activity. The event consists of “Exploring Mogan Mountain Scenic Area” and “Shenyuan Outdoor Base Expansion”.

At 8 o'clock on June 23, all the members set up on a coach in the company on time. Everyone sang along the way, and they were full of joy and laughter.

At around 10:00 on the 23rd, he arrived at Shenyuan Shenyuan Outdoor Base. 26 people were divided into two groups, and their respective team leaders were selected to form the "rushing team" and the "champion team." Everyone made full use of their imagination and designed their team logo, slogan, team song and formation. Under the leadership of the coach, a class of games that tested the spirit of teamwork was conducted.

At noon, everyone has their own strengths, and the dishes are cooked, cleaned, cooked, and served together.

After the meal, everyone united and carried out activities such as mountain climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, horse riding, archery, etc. It is worth mentioning that the employees who are afraid of small fears also try to participate and break through the encouragement of everyone. Psychology.

After the event, everyone ate at the Wukang Star Hotel and stayed in a quasi-three-star hotel. On the second day, everyone took a coach to the famous scenic spot of Moganshan, and visited famous scenic spots such as Ganjiang, Moxie sculpture, Mojianshi, Jianjianshi, Jianchi, Guanyue Pavilion, and Cliff Stone, which were used in the scenic area. After lunch, continue to visit other famous attractions such as Dicuitan, Wuling Village, Xuguangtai, etc. After the photo is over, take the coach back to the company in the afternoon and end the “Deqing Outdoor Happy 2 Day Tour”.

The core competitiveness of Zhiyuan is the team. The employees participating in this event are the elites in the team! I hope that the elites will continue to work hard and pass on their positive energy to the employees around them, making new contributions to the development of Zhiyuan!